Clerk of 高等法院

The 高等法院 was established under the Constitution of 1798 and is the highest court in each circuit. It is a court of record, 意思是所有记录, 文档, and minutes filed in this office cannot be altered after filing. Each of Georgia's 159 counties has a Clerk of 高等法院.

The Clerk is an elected position established by the Constitution of the State of Georgia and as such, is a Constitutional officer. The clerk's duties are statutory in nature and are found in the Official Code of Georgia in hundreds of statutes created by the state legislature. The mission of our office is to provide the public with the highest level of personal and professional service possible. We invite you to contact us to discuss any questions you may have or to see how we may be able to assist in meeting your needs.

The Clerk of Superior and 少年法庭s office is responsible for:

  • 申请, recording and indexing all documents related to real estate within 桃县, 包括行为, plats and cancelations.
  • 申请 and processing for service of all divorce cases, 收养, 名称更改, 孩子的抚养费, change of custody and contempt.
  • 申请 and processing all Juvenile cases.
  • 申请 and processing for service all civil cases relating to suit on account, 谴责, appeals from magistrate and probate court, 管有令状, 保险, 等.
  • 申请, recording and indexing all judgments, tax liens and FIFA's.
  • 申请 and processing all warrants, 指控, accusations and sentences on all felony and misdemeanor cases.
  • Processing sentencing packages for sentence review panel and Department of Corrections for transfer of prisoners into the state system and applications for sentence review.
  • 申请 and processing all Uniform Commercial Code (UCC's), liens on personal property for public notice.
  • Preparing records of all appeal cases in the Civil, Domestic and 刑事部门s for the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Georgia.